17th International Congress of Christian Archaeology on “Frontiers: The Transformation and Christianisation of the Roman Empire between Centre and Periphery” from July 2-6, 2018 in Utrecht-Nijmegen, Netherlands

17th International Congress of Christian Archaeology in Utrecht-Nijmegen (Netherlands) from July 2-6, 2018 on "Frontiers: The Transformation and Christianisation of the Roman Empire between Centre and Periphery"
(CIAC Press Release pdf) The upcoming International Congress of Christian Archaeology will take place in The Netherlands, at Utrecht and Nijmegen universities, from July 2-6, 2018. In keeping with the conference´s venue, namely at the very limes of the Roman Empire, its thematic focus will be on the question of boundaries, borders, borderlands, and transitional zones.

Named topic will be explored from a variety of perspectives, including thematic-conceptual and spatial-geographic ones. The conference aims at breaking new ground in this crucial area, in terms of content as well as methodology. In terms of geography and chronology, presentations may focus on the art, archaeology, and epigraphy of any border area of the later Roman world, including its European, North African, and Near Eastern provinces, up until the seventh century A.D.

Colleagues, including graduate students, are kindly and expressly invited to submit abstracts of the papers they propose to deliver to one of the following sections:

A. Geographical areas
1. Egypt, Ethiopia, Nubia
2. Roman and Byzantine Palestine
3. Syria and Mesopotamia
4. Persia, Armenia, Georgia
5. North Africa
6. Germania
7. England, Scotland and Ireland
8. Gallia
9. Iberian Peninsula
10. The Balkans

B. Themes
1. Centre and periphery (2x)
2. Migration and borders
3. Pilgrims, Missionaries and Saints across Borders
4. The Destruction of Christian Heritage in the Near East
5. New Archaeological Research Techniques

C. Novitates

In addition to these sections, there will also be an opportunity for poster presentations at the conference’s main venues, namely Utrecht and Nijmegen. Keynote lectures will accompany the opening and closing ceremonies of the conference.

Practical information
Further information on how to submit a proposal, on how to register and on how to make hotel reservations will be available on the conference’s website: https://ciac.sites.uu.nl. This website will go online on March 1, 2017. An official and more detailed call for papers will be issued at that particular moment. The deadline for submission of abstracts is August 15 2017. Prior to the conference and directly following it, an accompanying program will be offered, with excursions and guided tours to archaeological sites relevant to the conference’s overarching topic.

The international conference of Christian archaeology takes place once every five years. It provides an ideal forum for archaeologists working on early Christianity and on Late Antiquity to share their latest discoveries and insights and to ponder the challenges and opportunities that beset this particular area of scholarly endeavor and expertise. Of course, specialist from other disciplines interested in the material culture and heritage of early Christianity, are welcome to participate. Having been organized uninterruptedly since 1894, the international conference of Christian archaeology has, in almost 125 years, become a hallowed tradition in the field of the archaeology of Late Antiquity. It is the ambition of the conveners of the 17th installment to continue this tradition by focusing on a theme that allows early Christian archaeologists to highlight the scholarly relevance of their field, with special emphasis on the currently rather relevant issue of borders, migration, and religion. No less importantly, the theme is also ecumenical in that it allows experts from all parts of the ancient oikumene to gather in a single spot, for the purposes of presenting the data they have gathered and engaging in meaningful conversation on the possible meaning, interrelation, and interpretation of those data.
Named conferences are a collaboration of the Comitato Promotore Permanente dei Congressi Internazionali di Archeologia Cristiana, which is based at the Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana in Rome, with a regional partner, in this case Utrecht University (Prof. Leonard V. Rutgers) and the Radboud University of Nijmegen (Profs. Sible de Blaauw and Stephan Mols). To cover the wide variety of topical themes addressed during the conference as best as possible, the conveners have created an advisory committee, which consists of experts from the Netherlands and neighboring countries (Belgium, Germany).

For further information, you may contact the conference’s secretary, dr. Mariëtte Verhoeven at: CIAC2018@let.ru.nl. - Website: https://ciac.sites.uu.nl.  Announcement in pdf is here.