Yeshiva University Lecture March 14, 2016: Prof. Michael Segal on “Daniel in the Lions’ Den: Tracing the Development of a Story in Aramaic and Greek”

The Yeshiva University Seminar on Ancient Judaism will hold its next meeting on Monday, March 14, 7:30-9pm, at 2495 Amsterdam Avenue (between 183rd and 184th Streets), Belfer Hall 1214. Professor Michael Segal (Hebrew University) will deliver a paper entitled "Daniel in the Lions' Den: Tracing the Development of a Story in Aramaic and Greek. " Please RSVP to Ari Mermelstein (
The Seminar on Ancient Judaism is made possible by the generous support of the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies of Yeshiva University.

Prof. Arthur Urbano of Providence College joins ICS Board of Directors in 2016

The International Catacomb Society welcomes Prof. Arthur Urbano to its Board of Directors.  Prof. Urbano is an Associate Professor in the Department of Theology at Providence College where he has been teaching since 2005. He received a BA with a double concentration in Classics and Italian Studies from Brown University in 1995. In 1999 he earned an MDiv from Harvard Divinity School where he studied New Testament and Christian Origins. In 2005 he earned his doctorate in Religious Studies from Brown University with a specialization in Early Christianity. Arthur's research focuses on the reception and adaptation of classical culture -- literature, art, and practice -- in early Christianity. His  doctoral dissertation explored the role of biographical literature in shaping intellectual identity and culture in late antiquity--a revised version was published in the Patristics Monograph Series by The Catholic University of America Press in 2013 under the title: The Philosophical Life: Biography and the Crafting of Intellectual Identity in Late Antiquity. In 2012-2013, he received the Shohet Scholars Grant for the project entitled Wisdom Made Visible: Iconography and the Fashioning of Philosophical Culture in Late Antiquity, a study of the role of art and portraiture in the fashioning of late ancient philosophical culture. He has published several book chapters based on this project and is planning a monograph on the subject. Arthur is also chair of the Jewish-Catholic Theological Exchange Committee at Providence College, which organizes a lecture and colloquium series on contemporary Jewish-Christian interreligious dialogue and he is also on the board of directors of the Sandra Bornstein Holocaust Education Center in Providence.  

Longtime ICS Advisor, Jodi Magness, to speak on Huqoq Excavations at Harvard April 18, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016, at 4 pm, Prof. Jodi Magness, Director of the Huqoq excavation and longtime advisor to the ICS, will deliver a public lecture at Harvard's Semitic Museum about her latest discoveries at Huqoq: ""Samson in Stone: New Discoveries in the Ancient Synagogue at Huqoq in Israel's Galilee".
The lecture is free and open to the public.
Event link:

Beyond Authority: Princeton Conference on Late Antiquity March 20-22, 2016

Beyond Authority: Composition and Transmission in Late Antiquity
Princeton University, Green Hall 1 N-5
March 20-22, 2016
Free and open to the public (register)
Beyond Authority will focus on the composition and transmission of texts and traditions in Late Antiquity. The organizers and participants intend to dismantle the regnant presumption that late antique tradents compose and transmit texts for the primary purpose of asserting and maintaining authority.
The full program is here.
Please address any questions to


Land of Israel and Archaeology Department’s Annual Conference at Bar Ilan Univeristy to honor Prof. Zeev Safrai

Please see attached Hebrew program and invitation to the Land of Israel and Archaeology Department’s Annual Conference, dedicated in honor of Prof. Zeev Safrai.

It is forwarded at the request of Dr. Boaz Zissu (, the Chair of the Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology, Bar-Ilan University.

The conference will be held at Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel, on Thursday, March 10, 2016, from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm (with breaks, of course).

The program may also be viewed at

Select volumes from ICS Library collections available for purchase

The International Catacomb Society is pleased to partner with Basileia Books for a sale of select volumes of rare, out-of-print, and recent books in archaeology, art history, religion, and history from our library depository.  A Basileia book display will be at the following academic conference venues in February and March of 2016, or books can be purchased online or by appointment by contacting Basileia Books proprietor, Jeffrey Paul Orrell ( or via Facebook:

Medieval Academy of America
Annual Meeting: February 25 to 27, 2016
Exhibition of Books at the
Hyatt Regency Boston Hotel
Adrienne Room on the Fourth Floor
Thursday, February 25: 11 AM to 7:00 PM
Friday, February 26: 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Saturday, February 27: 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM
1 Avenue de Lafayette, Boston, Massachusetts 02111
(617) 912-1234
Society for American Music
Annual Conference: March 9 to 13, 2106
Exhibition of Books at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge Hotel
President’s Ballroom, Salon AB on the First Floor
Thursday, March 10: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Friday, March 11: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday, March 12: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM / 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
575 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
(617) 492-1234
Renaissance Society of America
Annual Meeting: March 31 to April 2, 2106
Exhibition of Books at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel
Imperial Ballroom on the Mezzanine
Thursday, March 31: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Friday, April 1: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday, April 2: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
50 Park Plaza at Arlington Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02116
(617) 426-2000

ICS Advisor Tessa Rajak Co-Author of New Digital Resource on Josephus

From ICS Advisor, Prof. Tessa Rajak (Somerville College, Oxford):

Dear colleagues,
We are pleased to announce a new digital resource, the Josephus Reception Archive:
We hope you will visit it and find it useful. We warmly welcome feedback and offers of participation in the future development of the JRA.
The online platform presents concise information about the reception of Josephus to scholars, students, and indeed anyone with an interest in the subject. It is meant to engage, enlighten and assist a wide public of readers and investigators in many fields. Students of history and of literature, of Judaism and of Christianity, of the reception of the Classical world, of culture and of political thought, of art and of music, and should all find here answers to questions that arise in their researches and in their reading.
The online archive in this initial stage reflects the parameters of the AHRC Project on the Reception of Josephus in Jewish Culture since 1750 (2012-5). Many of its contributors participated in the four Workshops that we held during 2012-4 at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. You can learn more about the Project via the Home Page of the website.
The JRA has been set up by Prof Tessa Rajak and Dr Annelies Cazemier. It is currently maintained with the assistance of Dr Michal Molcho.
For further information, or if you have any specific suggestions for material to be included in the JRA, or wish to contribute in any way, please contact us at:<>
Martin Goodman, Tessa Rajak, Andrea Schatz

EpiDoc Workshop, London, April 11-15, 2016

EpiDoc Workshop, London, April 11-15, 2016

We invite applications for a 5-day training workshop on digital editing of
epigraphic and papyrological texts, to be held in the Institute of
Classical Studies, University of London, April 11-15, 2016. The workshop
will be taught by Gabriel Bodard (ICS), Simona Stoyanova (KCL) and Pietro
Liuzzo (Heidelberg / Hamburg). There will be no charge for the workshop,
but participants should arrange their own travel and accommodation.

EpiDoc ( is a community of practice and guidance for using TEI
XML <> for the encoding of inscriptions, papyri and
other ancient texts. It has been used to publish digital projects
including Inscriptions
of Aphrodisias <> and Tripolitania
<>, Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri
<>, Digital Corpus of Literary Papyri, and EAGLE
Europeana Project <>. The workshop will
introduce participants to the basics of XML markup and give hands-on
experience of tagging textual features and object descriptions in TEI,
identifying and linking to external person and place authorities, and use
of the online Papyrological Editor and Perseids platforms.

No technical skills are required, but a working knowledge of Greek/Latin or
other ancient language, epigraphy or papyrology, and the Leiden Conventions
will be assumed. The workshop is open to participants of all levels, from
graduate students to professors and professionals.

To apply for a place on this workshop please email with a brief description of your reason
for interest and summarising your relevant background and experience, by
6th March 2016. Please use as subject of your email “[EPIDOC LONDON 2016]
application <yourname>”.
Simona Stoyanova
Research Assistant in
Classics and Digital Humanities

Department of Digital Humanities
King's College London
26-29 Drury Lane
Strand Campus
London WC2B 5RL

CFP: XXIV Finnish Symposium on Late Antiquity – Slavery in Late Antiquity (11–12 November, 2016)

XXIV Finnish Symposium on Late Antiquity - Slavery in Late Antiquity
Tvärminne, Finland, 11–12 November, 2016
The multidisciplinary Finnish Symposium on Late Antiquity will be organized on 11–12 November 2016. The symposium brings together scholars and postgraduate students of Late Antiquity from a variety of universities and academic disciplines.
The theme of this year’s symposium is Slavery in Late Antiquity. Research on slavery in the late Roman Empire and in the post-Roman kingdoms has been expanding and evolving in the recent decades. The theme will be approached from a wide perspective, including social, economic, political, legal, ideological and religious levels. We welcome papers that discuss slavery from the point of view of landowning, local differences, changes in rural and urban settings, alterations in ideas and attitudes, and modifications in status and everyday life. Papers that analyse scholarly approaches to late antique slavery are also welcome.
Please send a short abstract of 250–300 words along with your name, institution, e-mail and title by 2nd May 2016 to Dr. Ville Vuolanto: *ville.vuolanto(at)*. Applicants will be informed by 1st June 2016 whether they have been accepted. 20 minutes is reserved for each presentation, plus 10 minutes for discussion.

The keynote speakers of the symposium are:
Chris De Wet: Emancipating the Spirit: Late Ancient Slavery in/and the Religious Thought of Eunomius and Basil of Caesarea. Prof. De Wet (New Testament and Early Christian Studies, University of South Africa), is specialist of slavery in early Christianity and early Christian Greek and Latin literature, especially John Chrystostom. His next book The Unbound God: Slavery and the Making of Early Christian Theology will be published this year.
Marianne Bjelland Kartzow: The Paradox of Slavery in Early Christian Discourse: An Intersectional Approach. Prof. Kartzow (New Testament Studies at the University of Oslo) has worked with theories of gossip and other types of oral communication in the ancient world, and written books and articles related to gender and slavery in early Christian texts.
Marja Vierros: Slaves in the Sixth Century Palestine in the Light of Papyrological Evidence.
Dr Vierros (Classics, University of Helsinki) is specialist of Greek papyrology and linguistics. She is author of Bilingual Notaries in Hellenistic Egypt. A Study of Greek as a Second Language (2012) and has been involved in publishing the Byzantine papyrus dossier found in Petra, Jordan.

The symposium is free, but the number of participants we can take is limited. It will be organized at the Tvärminne Zoological Station on the southern coast of Finland. We offer transportation from Helsinki to Tvärminne and the return journey, as well as accommodation (one night) and meals in Tvärminne. However, we are not able to cover any travel costs to or accommodation in Helsinki. Registration for the symposium starts on 1 October and closes on 26 October 2016.

The symposium is organised by
Maijastina Kahlos, University of Helsinki,
Ulla Tervahauta, University of Helsinki and
Ville Vuolanto, University of Tampere / University of Oslo.
Internet pages of the symposium are to be found here:
The Symposium is funded by the Centre of Excellence “Reason and Religious Recognition”, Faculty of Theology; Jaakko Frösen Fund; and Department of World Cultures, Faculty of Humanities, University of Helsinki.
On behalf of the organizing committee,
Ville Vuolanto
School of Social Sciences and Humanities
FI-33014 University of Tampere
Visiting address: Linna building, 6th floor
Tel: (03) 355 111 (switchboard)

ICS Director Nicola Denzey Lewis to speak at Postgraduate Workshop on the Materiality of Divine Agency in the Graeco-Roman World (August, 2016)

The Materiality of Divine Agency in the Graeco-Roman World, Postgraduate Workshop Aug. 29th – Sept. 2nd 2016, Max-Weber-Kolleg,University of Erfurt

The workshop aims to investigate archaeological evidence and textual sources in a comparative way to unearth the multiplicity and richness with which divine agency is depicted in narratives, religious practices and ideas, as well as in iconographical evidence. It engages closely with an extensive methodological and thematic agenda that focuses on all aspects of the materiality of divine agency in Classical antiquity. More specifically, this year’s postgraduate workshop sets out to explore processes of embodying, objectifying, portraying physically and, more generally,grounding the divine and its agency in our rather limited sensual perception.Following in the steps of recent scholarly studies on the iconicity,aniconicity and hybridity of the divine in the classical world, the workshop castsits net wider so as to include religious action taking place in the so-calledmargins of urban religious activities, such as magic and healing. Moreover,ritual action focused on statues and material objects (votives, amulets, defixiones)and other processes that ensure a successful communication with the divine will receive extra attention in our discussions.

Speakers : Dr. Emma Aston (Reading), Prof. Nicola Denzey-Lewis(Brown), Dr. Esther Eidinow (Nottingham), Dr. Georgia Petridou (MWK, Erfurt),Dr. Anna-Katharina Rieger (MWK, Erfurt), Prof. Jörg Rüpke (MWK, Erfurt), Prof.Ian Rutherford (Reading), Prof. Amy Smith (Reading), Prof. Greg Woolf (ICS, London).

Participants are encouraged to present their own work too, provided that it is related to the general theme of the workshop.

Target audience: M.A., Ph.D. and post-doctoral students from Classics,Archaeology, Religious Studies, Ancient Judaism, Ancient History, History ofArt, and Theology are invited to participate. We would be able to accommodate up to 20 participants. All lectures and seminars will be conducted in English.Knowledge of ancient languages (Latin, Greek, Hebrew, etc.) is desirable, but not essential.

Applications: All materials will be prec-irculated. Participants are encouraged to present their own work at the workshop, provided that it is related to the general theme. If you decide to do so, please include in your application a brief research statement. There will be a participation fee of 100 Euro covering the costs of the reader, coffee breaks etc. Inexpensive accommodation on campus (ca. 20-30 Euros per night) is available and can be booked by the organisers.

Deadline: Applications should reach Ms Ursula Birtel-Koltes ( the 31st of May 2016. Please include a brief CV and a list of publications, if applicable.
Venue: Max Weber Kolleg, University of Erfurt.

Organizers: Dr.Georgia Petridou ( ) and Dr. Anna-Katharina Rieger ( ).
Dr Georgia Petridou
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Max-Weber-Kolleg für kultur- und sozialwissenschaftliche Studien
Universität Erfurt
Postfach 900221
99105 Erfurt

Nordhäuser Str. 74
99089 Erfurt
Forschungsgebäude 1 (Haus 27 - Gelände Helios Klinikum),
Raum 0208 Tel. +49(0)361/737-2883