2nd International Conference on Art & Archaeology (Jerusalem) 2016 Theme: Archaeology Strengthened by Measurement Techniques

The 2d Art & Archaeology 2016 Conference will take place in Jerusalem, Israel on December 11-14, 2016 (CFP Deadline: July 31, 2016).

Official homepage: www.art-archaeology.com

Art & Archaeology 2016 Major Themes

Ethical Perspectives; Values and Principles at Stake

  • Implementation of integrated strategies satisfying conservation code of practice and research code of ethics
  • Public display, conservation treatment and scientific research, is it safe? Impact of handling on integrity of cultural heritage
  • Measurements and calculations; dealing with margins of error and contamination problem

Non Invasive Spectroscopic Research and Analysis

  • Re-constructing the evidence: studies of historical objects
  • Non-invasive preservation monitoring, new developments and applications
  • Spectroscopic techniques as a conservation treatment tool in art and archaeology
  • Microarchaeology
  • Re-constructing the evidence: studies in archaeology
  • On-site sampling and analysis
  • Archaeometry and microanalyses

Authentication vs. Detection of Forgery

  • Scientific examination of evidence of manufacture, use and provenance
  • Complementary and comparative micro-analytical techniques refining interpretation of the past
  • Museology; identifying and determining historical values proving authenticity

Digital Imaging and Computer Science

  • Digital applications in conservation of art and archaeology
  • Reconstructing the evidence in art and archaeology using advanced digital techniques
  • Contactless scanning of objects; morphometric measurements

In addition, papers on Biblical-related archaeological findings and archaeology in the Holy Land are welcome.

CFP Deadline: 300 word abstract by July 31, 2016.  Official language of the conference is English
Please send proposals to:
Secretariat: The Secretariat
Art & Archaeology 2016
P.O. Box 574, Jerusalem 9100402, Israel
Tel: ++972-2-6520574
Fax: ++972-2-6520558