7th Annual Summer Study Program in Patristic Studies, July 17-22, 2016 (Holy Cross Seminary in Brookline, MA)

The annual Summer Patristic Studies Program will begin in about a month (July 17-22) on the campus of Hellenic College Holy Cross in Brookline, MA.  This week-long program is a unique opportunity to study and discuss classic texts of the early Church through small group-study and brief lectures from leading patristic scholars. We are offering twelve courses this year, which are listed below for your information.

To register for the program, or to find out more information, please go to the program’s webpage (link).

Morning Classes:
1) The Gospel of Matthew in the Patristic Tradition , Dr. Brian Matz
2) Taming the Thoughts: Ascesis in the Monastic Writings , Dr. Despina D. Prassas
3) The Desert Fathers: Stories and Sayings for Contemporary Life , Dr. Sean Moberg
4) The Problem of Evil in the Writings of the Fathers , Dr. David Goodin
5) The Divine Liturgy Celebrated and Interpreted in the Patristic Period , Teva Regule
6) Repentance, Reconciliation, and Confession in the Fathers , Dr. George Tsakiridis

Afternoon Classes:
7) Ancient Christian Spiritual Practices: A Guided Tour , Rev. Dr. Paul Kolbet
8) Patristic Texts on the Church and Salvation , Dr. Anthony P. Coleman
9) 20th Century Neo Patristic Theologies: Florovsky and His Followers , Dr. Paul Gavrilyuk
10) Reading Scripture with the Fathers: Studies in Patristic Theology of Interpretation , Dr. Bruce Beck
11) The Theology and Hermeneutics of Irenaeus of Lyons , Dr. David Jorgensen
12) Patristics (Meta)Ethics , Dr. Daniel Robinson

Bruce Beck, ThD (bbeck@hchc.edu)
Director, Pappas Patristic Institute,
and Assistant Professor of New Testament, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology