Archaeological Institute of America Site Preservation Grants (Deadline 15 February 2017)

Archaeological Institute of America Site Preservation Grants - Spring 2017 Deadline: February 15
Image: The Adopting Narce Project in Italy received a Site Preservation Grant in Spring 2014 (Photo: Jacopo Tabolli)

(Source: The AIA Site Preservation Grant is intended to fund projects that uphold the AIA's mission to preserve and promote the world's archaeological heritage for future generations. The goal of the grant, which carries a maximum value of $25,000 to be awarded over the course of one to three years, is to maximize global preservation efforts and awareness through AIA support. The AIA is targeting projects that not only seek to directly preserve archaeological sites, but those that also emphasize outreach, education, and/or best practices intended to create a positive impact on the local community, students, and the discipline of archaeology as a whole.

Deadline Notification Dates: February 15 deadline, April 1 notification (Spring); October 15 deadline, December 1 notification date (Fall).

The AIA endeavors to stimulate archaeologists and cultural heritage institutions to work together to implement site preservation. As the AIA encourages partnerships with other organizations to complement rather than duplicate efforts, specific portions of larger preservation projects as well as stand alone projects will be considered.
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In addition to direct funding, the AIA will work with the grant recipient to raise public awareness of the significance of archaeological sites and the threats they face, to implement and disseminate best practices, and encourage increased support for preservation efforts. The AIA will promote projects that receive grants through its annual meeting, newsletter, and website.Awardees will be expected to provide the AIA with a final report outlining and evaluating their project as well as periodic updates including photos and any media coverage the project receives. Awardees may also be asked to speak about their projects at AIA Site Preservation fundraising events. Questions regarding the application process or the site preservation grants should be directed to 

As a policy, the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) does not provide for Site Preservation Grant funds to be allocated to indirect or overhead costs. The grant funds that are awarded by the AIA are intended and should be used for direct costs associated with the designated project.

The AIA does not fund:
archaeological surveys
archaeological excavation (or the supplies to accomplish this)
field schools
proposals with more than minimal administrative expenses and/or travel costs
the development of management plans
If you are looking for funding to support an excavation, the AIA offers the Cotsen Excavation Grant; to learn more, visit the Cotsen Excavation Grant link.

While expenses indirectly related to outreach such as travel and transportation costs, small stipends, per diems, site security equipment, etc. are permitted, they may weaken the competitiveness of an application.

Application Process
Applying for an AIA Site Preservation Grant is a two step process. Grants are awarded on a semi-annual basis, please see table of deadlines below for exact dates.

Step 1. Submit a brief inquiry using our Online Inquiry Form
Inquiries will be acknowledged by e-mail and all inquiries will be reviewed by AIA staff. If accepted, inquiry applicants will be provided with an application which will include a detailed budget sheet to complete and return.
Inquiries will be accepted at any time and applications will be provided on a rolling basis as soon as an inquiry is approved. Please allow sufficient time for AIA staff to review your inquiry and respond as well as enough time for you to complete the application before the deadline. Inquiries received too close to the application deadline will be held over for the next grant cycle.

Step 2. Complete and return the application, provided by the AIA to candidates with accepted inquiries, with all attachments to or to the mailing address listed below by the application deadline. Application materials must be received (not postmarked) by AIA headquarters by the deadline date, all applications arriving after the deadline will be held over the next application cycle.
**All applicants must either be current members of the AIA OR submit a letter of support by an AIA member in order for their application to be considered.**

To sumbit an application through the mail, please address the documents as follows:
Archaeological Institute of America
Attn: Ben Thomas
656 Beacon Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02215
Contact Name:
Ben Thomas