Catacomb Discoveries at Cava Porcaro, Comiso, Sicily

(Source: Quotidiano di Ragusa): A sixth burial cave or catacomb has been recovered in the Parco Archeologico Naturalistico di Cava Porcaro, Valle dell'Ippari, outside of the town of Comiso (RG) in Sicily. The elliptical cavern measuring about 8x8 meters contains several arcosolia. It was surveyed in the 1940's (Rivista di Archeologia Cristiana, 1945), but has not been subject to further study. The authors of the discovery are a group of students from the IISS "G. Carducci" of Comiso. Visitor information at:  An amulet in gold with Hebrew phrases from the Late Ancient or Byzantine period, discovered in the San Leonardo neighborhood of Comiso in 1876, is now on display in the Syracuse Archaeological Museum, "Paolo Orsi".