CFP for Special Issues of Arts on “Ancient Mediterranean Painting” (ca. 3000 BCE – 600 CE)

CFP for Special Issues of Arts on “Ancient Mediterranean Painting" (ca. 3000 BCE - 600 CE)
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Regina Gee, Vanessa Rousseau, Mark Stansbury O’Donnell, and Annette Giesecke are guest editors of two Special (thematic) Issues of Arts on the subject of “Ancient Mediterranean Painting.” Arts is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal which provides a forum for scholarly exploration of visual arts, music and performance arts, applied arts, popular arts, and arts and technology. Volume 1 of “Ancient Mediterranean Painting” will focus on painting to 100 BCE, and Volume 2 will focus on painting from roughly 100 BCE to 600 CE. The editors welcome submissions of full articles or brief essays on this topic. Deadline for submission of abstracts is July 1, 2018.

“Ancient Mediterranean Painting” Arts Special Issues Submission Information

From the Bronze Age Aegean, Egypt, and Mesopotamia to the late Roman Empire, painted images mediated the experiences and interactions of the individuals whose cultures produced them. They influenced and even shaped the rituals of home life, work, religion, and other social experiences in myriad, complex ways. For example, iconography, patterns or other embedded references could function as cues related to social status/relationships, pathways or belief systems. At the same time, images specific to a particular culture could ‘travel”, whether as paintings on portable objects like ceramics and panels or as a cultural import in the form of new subjects and motifs decorating architecture. Across a long timeline shaped by inter-cultural traffic and exchange, painted imagery could also “travel” diachronically, fluidly picking up and shedding meaning(s) through changing audiences, different patrons, and new viewing contexts.

In consideration of both of these ideas, the creation of distinctive cultural products and an ongoing mutable “life” through circulation and receptions, these two volumes focus on new insights into the interaction(s) between viewer and painted surface. Proposed subjects include the relation between patrons and makers, the relevancy of distinctions between fine art and craft for understanding contemporary value and viewer reception, the exchange of ideas and motifs between cultural groups, the influence of various representational media on each other, kinaesthetic address, or the experiential effect of painted imagery with a consideration of time, movement, and body position, as well technical studies that bring the meaning of two-dimensional renderings into sharper relief.

Volume 1 will be dedicated to painted works issuing from Greece, the Near East, Egypt, Italy, and Sicily in the years roughly between 3000-100 BCE. Anticipated areas of discussion include, but are not limited to, wall painting in private houses, tombs, palaces, temples; the painted decoration of ceramic vessels; and mosaic as a representational medium closely aligned with evolving trends and techniques in painting.

Volume 2 will be focused on painting from roughly 100 BCE to 600 CE in the Mediterranean, starting from the Italic peninsula as a crucible whose interactive elements included Greek and Etruscan, and expanding outward to consider Roman spheres of contact and exchange across Europe, Africa, and the Levant. Anticipated areas of discussion include, but are not limited to, wall painting in domestic and public spaces, tombs, and relationships between across media and functional and geographic boundaries.

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If you are interested in contributing to one of these volumes, please send an abstract by July 1, 2018 to:
Abstracts for Vol. 1 (painting to c. 100 BCE):
 Annette Giesecke,; and Mark Stansbury-O'Donnell,
Abstracts for Vol. 2 (painting c. 100 BCE-600 CE):
Regina Gee,; and Vanessa Rousseau,
We look forward to hearing from you and will be in touch about submitting final articles, which will be due 20 February 2019.