Christianity and Judaism: When, How, and Why Did They Part Ways? Lecture by Prof. Adele Reinhartz January 29 in Cambridge, MA

The third annual Daniel J. Harrington, S.J. Memorial Lecture, entitled "Christianity and Judaism: When, How, and Why Did They Part Ways?" will take place on Sunday, January 29, at 6:15 p.m. Parish Center at St. Peter Parish, 100 Concord Avenue, Cambridge.

This year’s lecturer is Professor Adele Reinhartz, Corcoran Visiting Chair in Jewish-Christian Relations at Boston College and General Editor of the Journal of Biblical Literature. Widely sought after as a speaker, she has written many books and articles on early Christianity, the Gospel of John, and the Bible in the movies. In this lecture Professor Reinhartz will ask: How did Jews and Christians come to understand their different identities? Until recently, historians generally agreed that Christianity had definitively separated from Judaism quickly - within two generations after the death of Jesus. Now that consensus has been challenged. Some scholars argue that the separation was a slow and complicated process that took several centuries. Professor Reinhartz will look at the evidence, ask what “separation” really means here, and point to what was at stake in this fateful “parting of the ways.”

Please join us for what will surely be an informative and engaging lecture! A reception will follow the talk. There is ample parking available around the church and in the lot off Manasses Avenue.

St. Peter’s Parish, Cambridge
Direct dial: 617-897-1148