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MP=Maps or Plans - PAI=Paintings - INS=Inscriptions - SAR=Sarcophagi - SCU=Sculpture - SIT=Site - ARC=Archtecture - POT=Pottery - JEW=Jewelry - GS=Gems/Seals = GG=Gold Glass - COI=Coins - PC=Plates/Cups - SCE=Scenic PEO=People O=Other

JC - Jewish Catacombs (Rome)
MV=Monteverde - TOR=Torlonia - RAN=Vigna Randanini - LAB=Via Labicana

CC - Christian Catacombs (Rome)
AGN=Agnes - CM=Maius Cemetery - CYR=Cyriaca (S. Lorenzo) - PRI=Priscilla - DOM=Domitilla - GIO=Giordani - SMP=SS. Marcellinus & Peter - PAM=Pamphiius - PAN=Pancrazio - PRE=Pretestato - CAL=Callisto - VA=Via Anapo - LAT=Via Latina (via Dino Compagni) - COM=Commodilla - SS=San Sebastiano - AUR=Aurelii (viale Manzoni) - VIB=Vibia

CO - Catacombs outside Rome
BET=Beth She'arim - JER=Jerusalem - VEN=Venosa - PAL=Palmyra - SAB=Sabratha - SAR=Sardinia - TUN=Tunisia - ALE = Alexandria, Egypt - MAL=Malta - NAP=Naples - SIC=Sicily

Other Sites
OST=Ostia - POM=Ponpeii - ROM=Rome - CAR=Carthage - HER=Herculaneum - PAE=Paestum - MUS=Museum - HT=Hammat Tiberias - BA=Beth Alpha - BS=Beth Shean - CAP=Caparnum

ICS Historic Archive (Estelle Shohet Brettman Collections)

The ICS Historic Archive is a collection of approximately 4,000 digitized images of photographs, pictures, and drawings assembled by American art historian Estelle Shohet Brettman (1925-1991) for the exhibit Vaults of Memory on iconography in the catacombs of Rome. They originate from various archives and museums, or were taken in situ by Mrs. Brettman herself or by photographers she commissioned.

ICS Wilpert Study Collections

Plates 1-267 from Joseph Wilpert, Die Malereien der Katakomben Roms, 1903.
Plates 1-300 from Joseph Wilpert, Die römischen Mosaiken und Malereien der kirchlichen Bauten vom IV. bis XIII. Jahrhundert, 1916 (in preparation).

Annewies van den Hoek Collections

The archives of Harvard professor and ICS director Annewies van den Hoek include extensive documentation of Greek and Roman inscriptions in catacombs and museums, the architecture and art of early Christian churches in Rome, and other collections of artifacts from the Greco-Roman world.

Sarcophagi Collections

Early Christian Sarcophagus Collection in Arles, Museum of Antiquity/Musée départemental de l'Arles Antique, photographed and arranged by ICS director Prof. Arthur Urbano, Associate Professor of Religion, Providence College.  

Early Christian Sarcophagus Collection in the Vatican Museums, photographed and arranged by ICS director Prof. Robin M. Jensen, Patrick O'Brien Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame.