Job Alert: Research Fellowships at the Centre for Biblical and Early Christian Studies (Australian Catholic University)

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) is seeking both postdoctoral and early career researchers and more established researchers to contribute to the collaborative research of the Centre for Biblical and Early Christian Studies. Researchers will pursue their own research and contribute to a major five-year project, ‘Modes of Knowing and the Ordering of Knowledge in Early Christianity’. This international project, led by Prof. Lewis Ayres (ACU/Durham) and four others from ACU, Durham, and Notre Dame, investigates 'modes of knowing' constructed by Greek, Latin, and Syriac Christians c.100-700 CE. A particular focus is the manner in which developing Christian thought was shaped by classical intellectual discourses (such as grammar, philosophy, rhetoric, and medicine), institutions, social practices, and material culture.

This project builds on research across the Centre in areas such as the social and cultural history of early Christianity, the cultural and intellectual transformation of Classical antiquity, strategies of Christian identity formation, and intersections between Christianity and ancient philosophy, rhetoric, medicine, and education.

Within the 'Modes of Knowing' project, we envisage individual projects that will relate early Christian modes of knowing to at least one of: a) contemporary philosophical, medical, and rhetorical discourses; b) social practices of early Christianity and late antiquity (e.g. asceticism, pilgrimage, liturgies); c) imperial and institutional power structures; or d) the material world of early Christianity and late antiquity (e.g. relics, sacred texts). Researchers will also have opportunities to pursue individual and collaborative research beyond the Modes of Knowing project.

We encourage all qualified researchers to apply, and particularly welcome applications from women and minority groups currently underrepresented in ACU’s Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry. For further information, and to apply, please visit link.

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