Masterclass “Christian Archaeology across Borders” for MA, Ph.D. students & Postdocs at CIAC XVII (June 30, 2018)

Source: CIAC organizers (link): XVII International Congress of Christian Archaeology 2018
Utrecht-Nijmegen (The Netherlands) on Frontiers: The Transformation and Christianisation of the Roman Empire between Centre and Periphery

Preparations for the International Congress of Christian Archaeology (CIAC XVII) are in full swing.
Scholars and colleagues from many countries have already registered and a promising programme of lectures and presentations is now in place. Participants will meet in Utrecht and Nijmegen from July 2nd to July 6th. If you did not register yet, and if you are interested in the topic of boundaries, borders, borderlands, transitional zones, and frontiers in Late Antiquity, we invite you to register for the conference and join us in the Netherlands during the first week of July.
The wealth of proposals submitted by researchers from a wide range of countries has allowed us to draw up a programme that fulfills our ambition to explore the central subject Frontiers on different levels and to create a forum to debate the issues and research methodologies raised by the topic of our congress. The core of the programme consists of a set of geographically concentrated sessions focussing on all the border regions of the Late Antique empire. Sessions on the dynamics between centre and periphery, and on border crossing phenomena such as migration and Christianisation will tie these geographical sessions together. A special session will be dedicated to the dramatic situation of Christian material heritage in the warstruck regions of the Near East today. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to learn about new discoveries in the field of Christian Archaeology in the Novitates sessions, and in the shape of a wide variety of posters that focus on presenting recent research. Keynote speakers will open and close the conference with stimulating reflections on the central theme of the congress.
The attractive ancient cities of Utrecht and Nijmegen, both originating in Roman settlements on the limes of the Roman Empire welcome you during the first week of the summer month. Guided tours to discover the ancient roots of the hosting cities are included in the programme. In order to broaden the horizon an excursion is provided on the day following the congress (Saturday July 7th). We will visit the highly interesting copy of Roman catacombs in Valkenburg and the late antique and early medieval monuments and excavations in the beautiful cities of Maastricht and Tongeren in the Netherlands and Belgian region of Limburg.
Directly preceding the congress itself, a masterclass will be organized for master students, Ph.D’s, and postdocs. It intends to stimulate reflection on the discipline of Christian archaeology, on current-day  practices, challenges, and perspectives for the future. This class will be conducted by a select group of scholars who will present aspects of their research and discuss it with the participants. The masterclass, entitled Christian Archaeology across Borders, will take place in Utrecht on Saturday June 30th.
The congress is organized by the universities of Utrecht and Nijmegen, in collaboration with the Comitato Promotore dei Congressi Internazionali di Archeologia Cristiana, based at the Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana in Rome. Further support comes from the Honorary Committee and a National Steering Committee of experts.
For detailed information on the congress subject and the programme, please go to the CIAC-website:
Registration can be made easily online:
Please note that registration with the regular fee expires May 1st, 2018, but online registration is possible until June 15th. Day-passes are available. For students there is a reduced fee. Additional registration for the master class and the excursion will open soon. Hotel accommodation in selected hotels in Utrecht and Nijmegen can also be booked online: All other information and latest news can be found on the congress website.
We hope to welcome many colleagues and students. We trust the congress will create an attractive and inspiring environment for scholarly and human exchange.
Conference Organizers
Sible de Blaauw, Radboud University Nijmegen
Stephan Mols,. Radboud University Nijmegen
Leonard Rutgers, University Utrecht
Conference Secretariat
Mariëtte Verhoeven, Radboud University Nijmegen
Aurora Raimondi Cominesi, Radboud University Nijmegen
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