Scholarships for Doctoral Seminar in Rome on Tools and Methods for the History of Churches in the East and West (5th-19th centuries)

Scholarships to attend a Doctoral Seminar in Rome, from 10-15 September 2018, on Tools and methods for the history of churches between East and West (V-XIX century). Click here for French text.
The École française de Rome, in collaboration with EHESS, ENS Lyon, three laboratories of the CNRS (LEM, CéSor, IHRIM) and the Labex CoMod (Lyon), is organizing a doctoral school in Rome from 10 to 15 September, 2018 .
This workshop is part of the program "Norms and practices of the religious between East and West (IX-XIX century). A cross-section of the circulation between Christian communities of Europe and the Mediterranean " (, directed by Camille Rouxpetel and Laurent Tatarenko. Six institutions are project partners: the EFR, the École française d'Athènes, the Center de recherche français à Jérusalem, the CNRS (CéSor, CERCEC), the Catholic University of Louvain and the University of Nantes (CRHIA) .

The seminar schedule is as follows:
1) Historiographic lessons, in French, which will present a synthesis of the state of research, including the most current perspectives. After these presentations, ample time will be left for discussion.
2) In a smaller group format, students will present on the topics covered (working languages: Italian, French, English). During this training week, we would like to select some of the strongest presentations for possible publication in the Mélanges de l'École française de Rome.
3) Guided tours of Rome's archaeological sites, monuments and archives.

The École française de Rome is offering 12 scholarships for young researchers (master's degree, doctoral students or postdoctoral students from the European Union and other countries) who are researching on topics related to the content of this workshop. These scholarships cover only the costs of stay in Rome, while transport costs must be borne by the laboratories or doctoral schools of the participants (exceptionally, we can consider the coverage of certain travel expenses).
Applications (in French, Italian or English) must be received by March 31st 2018, at Candidates must submit a 1 page CV and 2. the presentation of their research topic on a page.

Full description of the seminar program and research project: