Signum Vortumni: the Tarquins and Rome. An excavation in the Roman Forum at the base of the Palatine Hill

The International Society for the Art, Archaeology, and Architecture of Rome, an Italian non-profit dedicated to the study, promotion and preservation of Rome's historic heritage, is continuing its archaeological excavation at the base of the Palatine Hill in the summer of 2017 (26 June - 31 July 2017), with a Field School for Roman archaeology and applied technology in excavation. The deadline to apply to the 2017 Summer Field School is April 30, 2017. Click here to download the application and further information about the dig, or visit the site:  You may also contact ISAR supervisor Dora Cirone at with questions about the field school.

In addition to field school participants, ISAR is also actively seeking partners for the project, "Signum Vortumni: the Tarquins and Rome, an excavation in the Roman Forum at the base of the Palatine Hill."  The aim of this initiative is to uncover and understand signs of Etruscan cultural and religious influence which gave rise to the birth of Roman civilization.  More information on how to team up with ISAR on its work in Rome can be found in the attached brochure: SV_fundraising