Three-year Scholarship for Ph.D. at Vatican Institute of Christian Archaeology

(Source: The Vatican's Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology (PIAC) and Pontifical Commission of Sacred Archaeology (PCAS) jointly sponsor a three-year scholarship of 7.200,00 euros annually to a recent graduate or any scholar with the essential requirements to register as a full-time candidate in the PIAC's PhD program in Christian Archaeology. Essential requirements include: Top marks (summa cum laude) in a Master's or Licentiate, as well as in the admissions test to the program. Applicants over 35 years of age are excluded from the scholarship competition, though they are eligible for the doctoral program if all other requirements are met. After the first year, the scholarship is renewed for two subsequent years only if the candidate gives satisfactory reports on the status of his or her research, according to the deadlines of the doctoral course (s. Art. 15 a-b of the PIAC Statues).

The scholarship deadline for the 2018-2019 academic year is 26 October 2018. At or before that date, all the following application materials must be submitted to the PIAC Rectorate:
a) Official documentation on place of birth (birth certificate), residency, citizenship and an e-mail address.
b) Either a certification of Licentiate in Christian Archaeology or transcript with grades of any courses attended.
c) A copy of the Licentiate thesis and/or other original works, published or in manuscript form.
d) A curriculum vitae that includes degrees and other coursework, degree of proficiency in one or more foreign languages, and current research. Knowledge of Greek and Latin is mandatory for admission.
e) Letters of recommendation from at least a one college or university professor with whom the candidate has studied or is currently engaged in a program or project of studies.
f) Any other documents that illustrate the candidate’s professional activities in the field of Christian Archaeology (like scholarships already held, participation in excavations, congresses, invited lectures, etc.).

PIAC contact information:

Prof. Danilo Mazzoleni, Rector
Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology
Via Napoleone III, 1 – I-00185 ROME
Email: –
Tel. +39.06.44 65 574 – Fax +39.06.44 69 197  

Applications which are incomplete or submitted after the postmarked deadline of 26 October 2018 will be not considered. However, photocopies of degrees are acceptable. All application materials will be returned after the Scholarship Committee at the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology has reviewed all applications and the winner has been notified. Within 15 days of notification, the scholarship winner must accept the established terms and norms of this notice and declare his or her intention to not seek any other form of fixed remuneration/income for the duration of the scholarship. Furthermore, the student is expected to complete the PhD Course within three years. Scholarship payments will be issued monthly. The remaining 50% of the third-year scholarship will be delivered to the student only after he or she has submitted the thesis, as approved by the PIAC professor supervising the work. The scholarship winner is required to assist with lectures scheduled for the first and second years of PhD Program, as well as to work in the library and photo archives, on Institute publications and cataloging; in leading tours and special courses, etc.

Signed: The Secretary of the Pontifical Commission of Sacred Archaeology, Mons. Pasquale Iacobone - The Rector of the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology (President of the Scholarship Commission) Prof. Danilo Mazzoleni