Death and Rebirth in Late Antiquity: Studies in Honor of ICS President Prof. Robin M. Jensen (2022)

Death and Rebirth in Late Antiquity, a collection of studies in honor of Prof. Robin M. Jensen, Patrick O'Brien Professor of Theology at Notre Dame University, is now available from Roman and Littlefield Press (2022). Edited by Lee M. Jefferson, the Nelson D. and Mary McDowell Rodes Associate Professor of Religion at Centre College and 2013 Shohet Scholar, the volume includes studies by other officers and members of the Catacomb Society addressing topics of religion, art, archaeology, and history. 

Introduction - Lee M. Jefferson
1. Death and Rebirth within North African Montanism - William Tabbernee
2. The Church as the Locus of Miracles: Santa Sabina and Revisiting the Staff of Jesus in Early Christian Art - Lee M. Jefferson
3. Wearing the Cross: Macrina, the Cross, and Co-Crucifixion - Felicity Harley-McGowan
4. Altar-ed Arks: Form as (Theological) Function in Late Antique and Early Medieval Reliquaries - Jennifer Awes Freeman
5. Marriage and Martyrdom in Roman North Africa: Augustine and Crispina of Tebessa - David G. Hunter
6. “Bring Out Yer Dead”: A Funerary Ritual Koine and Its Christian Dialects from Little Traditions to a Great Tradition - Jacob Latham
7. Apostolic Posture: Mary Magdalene as Witness to Death and Resurrection in Art - Michael Peppard
8. Reuniting after Death, Defining Familial Piety in Life: A Case of Rhetoric in Word and Image - Mark D. Ellison
9. Undead Apostles and The Development of Cultic Practices - David L. Eastman
10. To Die for God: Sacrifice, Eucharist, and Martyrdom in Ignatius of Antioch - Andrew McGowan
11. Crosses, Snakes, and Tunics: St. Lawrence and Other Martyrs - Annewies van den Hoek and John Herrmann, Jr.