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Image Archives

The archives of the International Catacomb Society contain approximately 5,000 photographic images, which are completely digitized and cataloged in a searchable database. The strengths of the archives include the Jewish catacombs of Rome, epigraphy from the catacombs, and early Christian and Jewish iconography.
The archives may be consulted by contacting the staff of the society with a research request at The archives are available online for members of the International Catacomb Society.

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The ICS archives contain a number of images that are copyrighted to other institutions or individual photographers. These must be applied to directly for permission to reproduce intellectual property that does not belong to the ICS. Please contact or see below

As a rule, photographs of objects that are part of the cultural patrimony of a particular country may be subject to copyright even if you are the photographer. Fees tend to be low for print publications (digital is different and usually more costly) and permission to publish is usually conceded without much trouble for scholarly works. The best approach is to write to the director of a site or collection and ask about the use of images and publication rights. Many institutions already post this information on their websites. Include in your request the publication title, publisher, language, print run, expected cover price, and whether you’ll publish the image in color or in back and white.


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