2004 Shohet Scholars in Italy and Tunisia: Photogallery

Index to Photogallery of 2004 ICS Shohet Scholar Study Tour of Italy & Tunisia

6/18/04 (link)

1589-1594: Tomb of the Qunitiliae
1594-1629: Porta Maggiore (modern Porta Prenestina); 1596 Roman Road; 1603: Pier of the Aqua Marita below the Aqua Julia; 1605, 1609, 1611-15, 1619-26: Tomb of Eurysaces; 1624-26: bread weighing; 1616: wheel tracks in Roman Road; 1617-18: stone bread)
1630-1666: Courtyard of San Lorenzo
1667-1672: Interior of the Church San Lorenzo
1673-1676: Front of San Lorenzo
1677-79: Modern cemetery of the Campo Verano, Rodolfo Lanciani’s grave
1680-1704: Mausoleum of Sta. Costanza

6/19/04 (link)

1705: Acanthus
1706-1724: Columbarium of Pomponius Hylas
1725-1730, 1933-35: Hostaria Antiqua Roma
1731, 1803-1812: Across the street from Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella
1732-1802: Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella
1813-16: Ancient course of the Via Latina (tombs, columbaria, villas, basilica)
1817-1862: Tomb of the Valerii (Via Latina)
1864-1912: Tomb of the Pancratii (Via Latina)
1922: Nineteenth-century building above the Tomb of the Valerii
1932: Cat houses along the Via Latina

6/20/04 (link)

1936-2100: Ostia (1943-1956: Rows of insulae, House of Diana, shops on first floor, living on second floor, stairs up to second floor; 1969-1970: Bar for the sale of drinks; 2057-2072: Mithraeum showing seven stage; 2091, 2095-2100: Bath complex (2095-6 possible glass windows, 2098-2100 heating pipes in walls); 2112-2117: Synagogue (2112 modern wall of left built for a museum exhibit to represent torah niche)
2192-2211: Isola Sacra, Portus

6/21/02 (link)

2212-2367: Jewish Catacomb of the Vigna Randanini
2368-2371: Outside of San Sebastiano

6/22/04 (link)

2372-2561: Bardo Museum

6/23/04 (link)

2562-2592: Aquaduct of M’Hamidia (often called the aqueduct of Zaghouan)
2593-2695: Thuburbo Majus
2671-2688: Baptistry
2691: Temple of Ba’alat
2696: Mimosa tree
2697-2699: French military cemetery
2700-2754: Enfida Museum
2755- 2907: Sousse Museum

6/24/04 (link)

2908- 3037: Lamta Museum
3038-3077: Lamta Site
3079-3102: Salakta Museum
3078, 3103-3141: Cemetery next to Salakta Museum (some graves under water, feeding tubes) 3142-43, 3193-94: Century plants
3144-3163: Salakta
3164-3192: Salakta catacombs
3195-96: Hypogaeum next to catacomb
3197-3393: El Djem Museum
3394-3454: El Djem amphitheatre
3455-3465: Olive trees from bus

6/25/04 (link)

3481-3561: Sfax Museum
3562-3581: Kasrin, second-century monument of Flavii
3582-3588: Sbeitla Museum
3589-3725: Sbeitla Site
3600-3602: Reconstruction of olive press Baptistery

6/26/04 (link)

3726-3730: Sbeitla - View from hotel)
3731-3786: Maktar Museum
3787: Maktar – Punic through Byzantine, frontier of Numidia
3787-3796: Amphitheater, animal gates
3799: Forum
3800-3803, 3823, 3849: Trajan’s Arch
3809-3817: Basilica of Hildeguns
3818-3821, 3844, 3847: SE Baths
3829-3841: Megalithic Tombs
3842-3843: Christian Cemtery
3844, 3845, 3848: Child Sacrifice Stela
3851-3888: Musti
3889-3965: Dougga

6/27/04 (link)

3966: Chemtou, quarrying, mining Workmen’s camp (left), soldier’s camp (middle), baths (right) Caper plants, Remains of ancient bridge over river Roman road used with quarry Chemtou Museum Bulla Regia, houses with one level underground, cool for dining and sleeping areas House of the New Hunt Byzantine graves cut into mosaic floor

6/28/04 (link)

Carthage: Yasmina Necropolis (just outside circus)
Carthage Museum Punic Tombs second-century BC
Punic houses with cigar-shaped cisterns Charioteer and wife found in Yasmina Necropolis Tofet, stelae of Baal Hamon and Tanit, child sacrifice or infant cemetery, some animal bones, too – cinerary urns buried unders stelae
Port Antiquarium
Circular harbor and rectangular harbor
Ship Sheds
Paleo Christian Museum
Mosaic of charioteers found at circus Church (Carthagena)
3-lobe basilica
Punic rock-cut tombs
Antonine Baths
Domus al Carta
Underground mausoleum/martyrium

7/1 (link)

Pozzuoli excavations
View from Restaurant Miseno
Castel de Baia

7/2 (link)

Villa of the Mysteries - kitchen - lararium - grape press -rainwater basin - tombs - city walls, marks from where ballista flung against walls when city was under ataack, quary/construction marks -fountain next to well House of Flavius Rufus, extensive, several stories (not open to public) - great view -cast of person - fresco - triclinium w/cut-outs in wall for couches Marble faces lararius - House of Caecilius Juccundus Forum Temple of Apollo (birds on columns) Casa di C. Iulius Polybius -painted doors -original bone hinges on cabinet -larares w/toilet chimney over kitchen new excavations in house next door - horses smothered in lapilli, not killed by pyroclastic blast House of the Chaste Lovers house with opus sectile pavement in process of restoration room was being painted at time of eruption, painters tools, etc., found in the room