ICS Catacomb Studies in AAR/SBL & AIA/SCS Sessions in Boston

AAR/SBL Joint Annual Meeting, Boston, MA November 18-21, 2017 (Program)

S18-208: Art and Religions of Antiquity
November 18, 2017, 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Room: Olmsted (Fifth Level) - Sheraton Boston Hotel (SB)
Theme: Religion Underground
Felicity Harley-McGowan, Yale University, Presiding
András Handl, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven: Égalité? Fraternité? Misère? Reflections on the Social Structure of the First "Christian“ Catacombs in the Suburbs of Rome (30 min)
Nicola Denzey Lewis, Brown University: Magic in the Catacombs (30 min)
Mark Ellison, Vanderbilt University: Commemorative Uses of Gold Glass Portrait Medallions in Catacomb Burials (30 min)
Jessica Dello Russo, Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology, Rome, Italy: Same Difference, or No Difference? A Structural Assessment of Tombs for Jews in Ancient Rome (30 min)
Discussion (30 min)

S19-109: Art and Religions of Antiquity
11/19/2017, 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Room: Yarmouth (Fourth Level) - Boston Marriott Copley Place (MCP)
Theme: Ritual and Corpses
Lee Jefferson, Centre College, Presiding
Eric C. Smith, Iliff School of Theology: Death and the Economics of Identity: An Ancient Oil Lamp’s Trespass of Modern Border Lines (30 min)
Sarah Madole, Borough of Manhattan Community College (CUNY): Dining with the Dead: Demetri, the Imperial Cooks and a Triclinium in the Earliest Phases of the Praetextatus Catacomb (30 min)
Jenn Strawbridge, University of Oxford" Receiving the Sacred: Relics and Reception History (30 min)

AIA and SCS Joint Annual Meeting - January 4–7, 2018 (Preliminary Program)

Session Block 1: Friday, January 5, 8:00 - 10:30 am
SESSION 1J: Colloquium
New Approaches to the Catacombs of Rome
ORGANIZER: Sarah Madole, City University of New York—Borough of Manhattan Community College
DISCUSSANT: John Bodel, Brown University
Site-Specific Styles in Roman Catacomb Epigraphy, Jenny Kreiger, University of Michigan
Roman Sarcophagi with Catacomb Contexts: A Case Study, Sarah Madole, City University of New York—Borough of Manhattan Community College
Offerings Agricultural and Financial, Daniel Ullucci, Rhodes College
Christian Invention and Imagination at the Crypt of the Popes in the Catacombs of Callixtus, Rome, Nicola Denzey Lewis, Brown University
Exploring Estelle: AIA Advocate, Jewish Site Preservation Pioneer, Jessica Dello Russo, Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana

Photo Credit: ANSA.