Shohet Scholar Applicant Cover Sheet

Shohet Scholar Applicant Cover Sheet for 2024-2025

International Catacomb Society  •  Shohet Scholars Program
217 Hanover Street, Suite 130413, Boston, MA 02113  •


Instructions to the applicant: please cut and paste the text below into a word processing document to complete. All sections must be filled out.  Email completed applicant cover sheet (preferably in pdf) along with the rest of the Shohet Scholar Grant Program application to: no later than January 15, 2024.


Applicant Name:








Phone:                                                                 E-mail:


Date of Ph.D.:

(Note: a Ph.D. award is required before the funding period begins in July of the year of the grant award)





International Catacomb Society membership since:

Are you a current or past recipient of Shohet Scholar Grant Program Funding? 

If you have previously received funds from the Shohet Scholars Program, will all of your reporting obligations for accepting prior funding from this grant program be met by the application deadline of 15 January 2024?

(As stated in the program description, the reporting requirements for the Shohet Scholarship are: "1. acknowledge the Shohet Scholars Program of the International Catacomb Society in all publications and activities that are funded in part or in whole with the award with direct notification to the Society when these events occur and 2. provide the Shohet Scholarship Committee no later than three months after the end of the fellowship year with a brief, illustrated report of the work carried out or in course, suitable for publication on the ICS website.")

Total funds requested (not to exceed $30,000): 

Contact information for individuals submitting two letters of recommendation:





Contact information for individual submitting statement of institutional support:



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