Roma Subterranea Judaica (series)

The following pdfs are provided as a service to the community by the International Catacomb Society.
All the items are authored by ICS Director Jessica Dello Russo, Doctoral Candidate at the Vatican's Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana:

ICS On-Site in the Vigna Randanini Catacomb, Fall 2001, Roma Subterranea Judaica 1 (2010)

“The Jewish Catacomb of the Vigna Cimarra,” Roma Subterranea Judaica 2 (2010, rev. 2013)

“The Jewish Catacomb on the Via Labicana,” Roma Subterranea Judaica 3 (2011)

“The Monteverde Jewish Catacombs on the via Portuense,” Roma Subterranea Judaica 4 (2010)

“The Discovery and Exploration of the Jewish Catacomb of the Vigna Randanini in Rome: Records, Research, and Excavations through 1895,” Roma Subterranea Judaica 5 (2010)

“Building a Great Catacomb Library: The Gifts and Legacy of John Harvey Treat to Harvard University” (2010)

Click here for further research by Jessica Dello Russo on the Jewish catacombs.

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