How to apply

The application deadline for the 2025-2026 academic year is January 15, 2025 (11:59 p.m. EST), for funding to be disbursed on July 15, 2025.

Application cover sheet can be downloaded here

Application assistance is available here.

Please review carefully the Shohet Scholar eligibility requirements before proceeding with the application, as all requirements must be met by the posted deadline or else the application will not proceed to jury review.


Applications, supporting documents, and communications with the Shohet Scholars Program must be in English and should be submitted as email attachments in Word or PDF format to no later than the posted deadline of 15 January 2025 (11:59 EST).

Include copies of the following:

  • Applicant cover sheet (available at
  • Applicant’s curriculum vitae (4 pages or less)
  • Research proposal not exceeding 2000 words (10 pages, double spaced)
  • Abstract of the proposed research and its significance (100 words or less). Please note: Applicants submitting a proposal with a co-applicant from outside of the USA (v. infra, "eligibility) are required to state the responsibilities that each of the applicants will assume in the direction and oversight of the project. 
  • Statement of permissions acquired for research and/or publication if the applicant proposes to conduct archaeological fieldwork or advance a project involving items in museum collections or archives, or for other situations requiring permissions
  • Budget proposal—see guidelines below

In addition to the application materials submitted by the applicant, the following documents are also required:

  • Letters of recommendation from two individuals should be emailed directly by the writers to the Shohet Scholars Grant Program administrator at: These letters should address, in particular, characteristics and personal qualities indicative of the likelihood the applicant will carry out the research, contribute to the objectives of the program, and make a significant contribution to his or her field.
  • A letter from the applicant's department chairperson or other institutional officer confirming institutional support for the project (and, if necessary, the date of the Ph.D. award if the applicant is ABD) should be emailed directly to the Shohet Scholars Grant Program administrator at:
  • It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all letters of recommendations have been submitted by the deadline (January 15 2024). 

Please do not send non-required supporting documents or statements that exceed the maximum length.

Applications that are submitted by the deadline as correct in all material respects (including supplemental materials and ICS membership fees) will be evaluated by a jury of academic experts who take into account the quality and feasibility of the research project submitted, the time required to meet the objectives sought, the anticipated impact of the findings, and the excellence of the applicant’s skills as attested by diplomas obtained, letters of recommendation, and publications, papers, and presentations. Persons making the selections of grantees will not be in a position to derive any direct or indirect private benefit if certain potential grantees are selected over others and will have no formal relationship to the applicants subject to their review. Decisions of the jury are final and, regrettably, neither oral nor written critique can be provided for unfunded applications.

Budget Guidelines

An applicant must submit and justify a detailed allocation of funds requested. The applicant must indicate the sources and amounts of all other funds allocated to him or her for the project if the budget is in excess of the Shohet Scholar funding range of $2,000-30,000.

Shohet Scholar funds must be used for research expenses directly related and essential to the project, such as for equipment and supplies, travel and living expenses during fieldwork, and research assistance. Awardees may receive salary from their institutions for periods of exclusive work on the research (e.g., summer or sabbatical salary) or portions of time devoted exclusively to the project. Shohet Scholar funds may not be used to pay salary and fringe benefit obligations of institutions, tuition, institutional overhead, other institutional support, or expenses incurred prior to the date of the award. Travel expenses to attend professional association meetings will not be funded. No substantial variances may be made from an awardee's approved budget without prior approval in writing from the Shohet Scholars Program. Applicants should budget to allow for fluctuations in the exchange rate, if necessary, as additional funds cannot be provided for this purpose after the award is made. Finally, awardees should be aware that the grants are subject to US federal and state income taxes.

Please note: starting in 2018, all funding is awarded directly to the USA-based awardee, for distribution among the international project collaborators. The ICS will no longer wire or transfer money directly to bank accounts outside of the USA.


Scholars of all institutional affiliations and independent scholars may apply for Shohet Scholar funding if they are current individual or institutional members of the ICS at the time of the application submission deadline and in possession of a doctoral degree or the equivalent by the time the grant funding is disbursed in July of 2024. Preference will be given to applicants in the early postdoctoral or launching stage of their careers (i.e., persons awarded the doctorate within six years prior to the application deadline). Non-U.S. citizens may apply if a co-applicant is a legal resident (in possession of a "Green Card"/Form I-551) or native or naturalized citizen of the U.S.A., meets all eligibility requirements, and has a genuinely collaborative leadership role in the proposal.  Co-applicants must submit as individuals all the necessary forms except for the research proposal, list of permissions, and budget proposal, which may be filed jointly.  Employees, contractors, and members of the Board of Directors or Advisory Board of the ICS and their families are ineligible. No applicant will be denied consideration or selection because of race, religion, or ethnic origin.  Any fraudulent misrepresentation of self and information about a proposal will result in a disqualification.

Reporting Requirements

Shohet Scholar grant recipients are expected to:

1. Acknowledge the Shohet Scholars Program of the International Catacomb Society in all publications and activities that are funded in part or in whole with the award with direct notification to the Society when these events occur and

2. Provide the Shohet Scholarship Committee no later than three months after the end of the fellowship year with a brief, illustrated report of the work carried out or in course, along with a summary of grant award expenditures including a description of any funds spent outside of the USA.


The deadline for receipt of applications and all related documents is January 15 of the award year. Award notification will be made by May 1st and funding will be disbursed on July 15.

Questions ?

If you have any questions about the suitability of proposed projects, application procedures, or any other matters related to the Shohet Scholars Program, please consult our FAQ page or contact us at:

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